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Attention TJ Shoppers: the New York Times is on Your Side

Here's a grand opportunity for California customers of Trader Joe's markets, allowing you both to save money and to savor an advantage over those pesky New Yorkers:

Through Lifehacker (the Really Useful component of the Gawker Media empire) comes a link to a New York Times item selecting the 10 Best Wines Under $10.00.  The good news for Californians is that two of the wines listed are readily available at TJ's, and are priced some $2.00 less than your East Coast friends will be obliged to pay.

  • The Times'  top choice among sub-$10 red wines is the 2001 vintage Côtes du Rhône from J. Vidal Fleury, a blend mostly of grenache and syrah described as "fruity, earthy and balanced without the candied or too-sweet qualities that may make for great popularity in the marketplace but will not impress discerning wine lovers."  I will vouch for the accuracy of that description, having coincidentally had this wine with dinner two nights ago.  In New York, you'll pay $8.00; in sunny California, Trader Joe's will sell it to you for a mere $5.99.
  • Number 3 among the reds was the 2003 bottling of the ever-popular Big House Red blend from Bonny Doon Vineyard.  "Not complex, but full of spicy fruit flavors."  $10.00 in New York, but for you lucky West Coastaceans a paltry $7.99.  (What will you do with all the money you save?  That's right: you'll have enough left over for a bottle of Two-Buck Chuck!)  [Bonus Link: an animated version of the Big House Red label art is viewable here.]
  • The wine-swigging Timesmen also commend an Old Vine Zinfandel from Bogle Vineyards, a wine I have not spotted at TJ's although the store stocks several other Bogle bottlings.  Headquartered in unfashionable Clarksburg, in the Sacramento Delta, Bogle is a reliable source of affordable wines of quality.  And I can promise you they are less expensive here than in New York. So there.



Have you seen this?


I'm a big fan of the Big House Red, and most anything else from Bonny Doon. An under $10 white from TJ's that I'm particularly fond of is the Honey Moon Viognier.


Thanks for the tips. Though I can't imagine a red zinfandel being even worthy of a single experimental taste at under ten: vile grape!

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