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Alberich in Wonderland

Drive-In Saturday:
"And what is the use of a blog," thought Alice, "without pictures or conversations?"

Pogo is the nom du mix of Australian Nick Bertke, who creates trip-hop electronic reimaginings of snippeted bits from film musicals, with a particular specialty in film musicals whose female protagonists' names begin with the letter "A". 

To wit, "Anna"

and "Alice"

The Pogo Promise in each case is that 90% of the sounds you hear in these mixes are taken directly from the respective films' soundtracks, and who are we to doubt it?

MP3s of "Anna," of "Alice," of several other Alice-derived tracks -- two of which have a bad case of the slithy toves -- and of other Pogo music are available for free download at Last.FM, here.

["Alice" discovered via My Old Kentucky Blog.]


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