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At the eminent What About Clients? blawg, Dan Hull and Holden Oliver have gone and done it, reposting Henry Fuseli's vision of Nick Bottom and Titania reine des fées shown below or, as they say in the trade, infra

"I consider it a challenge before, etc., etc., and I don't intend to lose," he said, Mercurially.

Hence, this revisitation of my own cobwebbed poetic tribute to Queen T and Nicky B: 

Titania and Bottom


When Bottom bore the donkey’s head and brayed,
Titania wreathed his upstart ears with flowers 
‘Til — disenchanted, open-eyed, dismayed —
She cast him from the comforts of her bowers. 
Botanical elixirs were the tools 
With which the weaver and his fellow rude 
Mechanicals, with other mortal fools, 
Were fuddled, led astray and misconstrued. 
Old Athens’ misty woods and fogbound lovers, 
Her naiads, pixies, fairies, sprites and elves 
Are gone; but surely Puck still grins and hovers 
As modern men make asses of themselves. 
No spell but self delusion clouds their sight, 
And leaves them pathless in the summer night.



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