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Don't Let the Dial Tone Hit You on Your Way Out

Here are the state by state stats on the numbers of people signing up for the National Do Not Call List. Over 5 Million in California alone, which has far and away the largest total.

At home at Chateau Fool we look forward to the day that we can finally stop screening calls. People we actually know and from whom want to hear seem to make up less than 10% of our call load.

If this List works, perhaps the next step can be a National Don't-Stand-In-The-Middle-Of-Places-People-Are-Trying-To-Walk-Through-Whilst-You-Loudly-Share-Intimate-Details-Of-Your-Life-On-The-Darned-Cell-Phone List. Don't laugh; it could happen.

Link to stats via CalPundit.


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