Greetings From Crescent City

Live from SFO, a Late Night Blog Post

This is not, typically, a What I Did With My Day sort of a blog, but circumstances compel me again to make an exception. It is late evening in a hotel near the San Francisco International Airport, and the first opportunity I have had to obtain anything in the way of a reliable connection today. Hardly anyone ever talks about what it is Really Like in the practice of law -- particularly the extent to which it often involves just sitting around waiting for things to happen. Perry Mason and all those other fictional advocates never seem to sit around waiting, but real attorneys do it all the time.

Today did not involve waiting so much as it did the difficulties of getting from point A to point B. After a day of reviewing files in Crescent City (worth the trip for that purpose), I had to make my way back to San Francisco for a hearing in the U.S. District Court tomorrow morning. Getting to Crescent City was an easy direct flight, but the requirements of my schedule were such that coming back entailed a more roundabout route, via Eureka and Sacramento. This was a series of short hops, and each went off as efficiently as one could ask, but the process as a whole took over four hours.

Since I was last through the San Francisco airport, construction has been completed on the long-awaited extension of the BART System, as well as a light rail/shuttle running to all terminals and out to the distant rental car facility. It seems to work well, and I would have been posting earlier this evening but for . . . the evacuation of the rental car facility for half an hour or so as a result of a never-identified emergency. The crisis ended, I found myself saddled with a minivan rather than the humble economy car I had reserved. No increase in the rate, but now I’ll have to worry about being in the bad graces of Arianna Huffington, scourge of the Hummer. (To my credit, though, back home I drive an environmentally friendly Prius, just like Arianna and all those Big Stars. But I digress.)

So there we are. Final preparation and a bit of shuteye await me, followed by the eventual return to southern California following tomorrow’s hearing. Something like regular blogging resumes by Thursday morning, I would guess. Thanks, gentle readers.


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