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Together Again for the First Time: Harry Potter and Bob Dylan

Saturday Morning Miscellany [no poetry content]

Tasty treats you may be missing this fine Saturday:

Michael J. Totten wraps up Ann Coulter and "Tailgunner Joe" McCarthy in a neat little package; Christopher Hitchens supplies the bow.

At Crooked Timber, Tom Runnacles tells us more than we needed to know perhaps about the Truck Driver's Gear Change, a musical technique favored by those who "having flogged every last bit of life from their tune [are] unable think of any natural way of killing the damn thing off." Even the Beatles, it seems, were offenders.

Dr. Frank (whose ongoing series of diaries from the recording studio might also interest you - just scroll back over the past few weeks of posts on his site) shares the notebook of a bride to be; or it may be the notebook of a future CEO, I can't be sure.

And, if you are curious about the progress of the California Recall on this Last Day to Qualify, you can check Secretary of State Kevin Shelly's Candidate Status Report. At this writing, only 17 candidates have actually qualified for the ballot (out of nearly 600 believed to be trying). Oddly enough, nearly half of them (8 of 17) are Democrats. Everyone you may actually have heard of has yet to qualify. Stay tuned.


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