Notes from Underground
Demon Poodle Invades Opera House!

Come On In and Make Yourself At Home

Welcome to those who have come here by way of this week's unexpected spike in links to this site by Real Established Blogs, and many thanks to the bloggers in question for those links. Our generous benefactors include:

♣ Poet bloggers Ron Silliman and Mike Snider. Mike is chiding me for being too much of an enthusiast for Eliot's Four Quartets (which I praised down here), but taste is the thing for which there is little accounting. We also seem to have caught the attention of Chris Lott, whose site had not previously come to my attention but to which I am happy to draw yours.

♣ Musician, journalist, blogger and what have you, Ken Layne has linked back to my brief post in praise of his Analog Bootlegs CD. That's another taste I'm willing to stand by, and I am looking forward to Ken's next "real" album, which he promises will feature music "filthy, heartbreaking and savage". Sounds yummy.

Deadlines and travel today, so blogging here will be somewhat reduced. Tomorrow for sure: Demonic Poodles at the Opera. Don't Miss It.


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