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Friday Miscellany

I Wanna Houli[your]han?

Even before I started to receive links from actual poet/bloggers (and actual poetry-bloggers), I was noticing a small groundswell in the referrer logs of people getting here while searching for "Joan Houlihan." That topic seems to have taken off in earnest in the poetryblog world in the past week or so, so I'll revisit it ever so briefly.

My own post on the subject of Houlihan's latest item -- which went up in early August and in which I invoke the Moose, Bullwinkle J. -- can be found here. Mike Snyder's most recent comment on the subject can be found here; Henry Gould's HG Poetics weighs in here; Jonathan Mayhew's Bemsha Swing has a number of posts on the subject; and Chris Lott ruminates on the matter here. You can surely find more with the help of the search engine of your choice.

Oh, yes: the Houlihan essay that started this kerfuffle (and which I quoted at several points in my prior post) is right here.

[I admit I can no longer recall why I made that oddball Keats reference in the title of my earlier post. I think "lucent syrops" is just fun to say.]


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