California Seen Through the Press Darkly
Recall 2K+3: Rise of the Punchy Machines

Whassup, Fool?

Few things are more tedious than bloggers complaining about how Busy They Have Been With Other Things, so let's pretend that this sentence, and all that it implies, is not actually prefacing this post, shall we?

We've had no new posts here since Sunday evening -- except this one, which starts with this sentence rather than with the one you just agreed to ignore -- but that doesn't mean there's nothing in the pipeline. Here are some items that are Coming Soon, loosely defined as likely to appear in some form in the next 24 to 48 hours:

♣ Why the 9th Circuit is correct to allow the recall to proceed as originally scheduled, including some thoughts on why punchcard voting can only be constitutionally suspect after all the votes have been cast.

♣ Comment on the dangers of anthropomorphism and agenda-driven journalism, involving those lovable capuchin monkeys.

♣ More talk about poetry, with particular attention to lines and how to break them.

♣ Something else, I'm sure. It will come to me.


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