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You Know How to Whistle, Don't You?

The ongoing "Legislative Bill-A-Palooza" at The Southern California Law Blog is profiling dubious legislation being signed into law by Once But Not Necessarily Future Governor Gray Davis, as he awaits The People's verdict on his administration.

One bill probably not worthy of attention in that context is AB 377, described in this Press Release from the Governor's office as part of "a package of legislation that will improve motorist safety, enhance enforcement and safeguard consumer rights":

AB 377 by Assemblymember Chan (D-Alameda) would prohibit the modification of motor vehicle's exhaust system with a whistle-tip. A 'whistle-tip' is a device applied to a vehicle's tailpipe that creates a high-pitched or shrieking noise when the vehicle is in use. The devise serves no purpose other than to make noise. Under the legislation, violators will be fined $250 for operating a motor vehicle equipped with a whistle-tip and $1,000 for engaging in the business of installing a whistle tip on a tailpipe.

'Whistle tips serve no purpose other than to annoy people,' Assembly member Chan said. 'Seeing this bill signed into law will mean quieter neighborhoods and a better quality of life.'
Back in August, my chum the proprietor of Futurballa Blog sent along an e-mail with a link to this hard-hitting local news report on scourge of whistle tips, featuring some impressive demonstrations, some fine motoring skills and an interview with one Bubb Rubb. Having made his acquaintance, you will perhaps enjoy toying with The Official Bubb Rubb SoundBoard.


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