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As the Curtain Rings Down, The Sound of One Persona Posting

The elusive Jack Cliente, who is suspiciously never seen in the same room with David Giacalone, has posted a last minute addition to David's farewell at ethicalEsq?:, including this sound bit advice to me and to all my fellow toilers in the fields of the law:

Don't send e-flowers to honor ethicalEsq?, but actively work for the consumer of legal services both out in the real world, and through the power of weblogs:

(1) help make bar associations at the local and state level client-oriented, instead of guild-oriented (e.g., improving the Discipline System would be a great place to start);

(2) harness the power of the web to make the self-help-law revolution a reality, and

(3) with or without new laws or ethical rules, get more information to consumers about their rights and options -- with enough information, consumers can create their own powerful competitive forces for innovation, improved services, lower prices.
Words to live by, and a worthy goal toward which to strive.

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