An Addition to the Blogroll [sic]
Post-Electum Triste

Hey, Man! Vote's Happenin'?

Still colossally busy, with barely time to run by the precinct to cast the vote in the California recall, let alone post about it. Fortunately, that life-long liberal/Democrat Roger L. Simon has done a good job of summing it up.

He credits the Internet for his decision, doesn't he?

Well, yes, I’m glad you asked that question—it’s the Internet and blogging especially. I think in the era of the weblog, we are all able to think for ourselves in a very particular way. Blogs are liberating us democratically (small d) and enabling us to throw off the yoke of political parties. In the future, they may help us form new alliances based on greater knowledge, not these old time beliefs left over from the days of Boss Tweed.


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