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They're Educators, But Can They Be Taught?

Mickey Kaus, Unplugged and Unedited

Mickey Kaus has posted a lengthy and articulate defense of the web journal medium (he uses the archaic term for it: "blogging") in the wake of Gregg Easterbrook's faux pas and ensuing loss of employment. The Kaus article is on its own page, so I can't even whine about it lacking permalinks. Worth reading on general principles, but particularly for the coining of the term "Gutenberging," as in:

And if there's a hubris of Weblogging, there's also a hubris of Gutenberging--the idea that you can routinely comment on current events in a way that merits permanent committment to paper. What's more arrogant than hitting 'send'? Hitting 'print.'
Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, Mr. Easterbrook himself is practicing theology, thus bringing down a further shower of brickbats upon himself.


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