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Welcome, friends, to the new and improved iteration of A Fool in the Forest. I have relocated, complete with all previous posts, from the original location on Blogspot, and now have the benefit of a feature-rich TypePad neck of the woods.

Some improvements will be immediately obvious. We have a new banner atop the page. We have comment capability. We have categorization of posts in the archives. And so on.

There's still work to be done -- I'm slowly going back over the past months of posts to put each into its appropriate category, for example -- but for all practical purposes, I Declare This Site Open.

If you are a regular reader, please update your Favorites list. If you've done me the kindness of linking to me in the past, please update those links (although, Blogspot willing, previous links to individual items on the old site should remain good). And, following the example of the estimable Terry Teachout, might I suggest that you Tell Your Friends if anything you see here tickles your fancy? Thanks!


Rick Coencas

Looking Good. Congrats on the move.

David Giacalone

Wow, you're a raving Techno-Fool!
Did you have a 2003 deadline for this switchover?Conflatulations!

Have you ever explained your banner photo? I'm going to check out your Administrative folder instead of imbibing copiously this New Year's Eve.

George Wallace

David: That banner image comes from a Victorian engraving -- somewhat flipped, flopped and Photoshopped -- of Touchstone from As You Like It. He is THE Fool in THE Forest, referred to by Jacques in the prelude to the "All the World's a Stage" speech (quoted atop the page in the earlier version of the site). I played the role of Touchstone in a producation at Berkeley in my college days, and Folly has followed me ever since. (Truth to tell, we were well acquainted by that time already.)

Thanks for the kind words.

David Giacalone

Thanks for the explanation, George. I really need a new prescription for my eyeglasses and/or a sharper computer screen: I've been wondering all along who the woman in the photo was, and whether the child on her back was George M. Wallace himself.

Michaela Cooper

Looks fabulous! I'm gonna switch any day now too. I'm still working on the banner. Happy New Year!

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