Thood for Fought [w/ Updates]

A Weblogger's Bliss

I am practicing law vigorously today, I truly am, but that doesn't stop me from taking a furtive peek at the referrer logs, where I find I have achieved one of my secret ambitions: to be linked by name by at least one out of 2 Blowhards. Mercy sakes, Michael Blowhard has even updated the piece -- which generated a string of commentary about Pasadena of all things -- to include a link to a second post o' mine. Thank you, sir, and thank you all Blowhard readers who drop on by.

Michael also links, as I should have done days ago, to Mike Snider, who has launched into a serious sonnet-writing project. Mike kindly linked to some of my double dactyls, below, which are loads of fun to compose but not nearly so weighty as what he is taking on.

And it's a good thing I already put in a word for Rick Coencas yesterday, or I'd feel obligated to thank him for yet another pair of links.

Now, back to work.

Later . . . . A quick update to convey thanks as well to Professor Bainbridge, who continues to serve all your corporate law and wine tasting note needs.


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