Thood for Fought [w/ Updates]

Dactyls of Empire

For those who want a convenient way to seek out -- or to avoid -- the continuing stream of double dactyls being generated on this site, I have added a new category to the archives for that purpose.

This latest was left, it seems, while I was sleeping, under the influence of Fitzgerald's translation of the Aeneid. Readers may recall that Virgil, no doubt meaning to please his target demographic (the Emperor Augustus), includes some disparaging references to our subject in his description of the shield forged for Aeneas by the god Vulcan.

A Roman in the Gloamin'

Orat'ry, orat'ry,
Marcus Antonius:
Lend me your ears."

Conquers at Phillipi,
Conquered at Actium;
All ends in tears.


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