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Post Mortem on the Big Bowl of Super Survivors

From the Fool Family Compound in Hiatus-port

Posting was light this past week thanks to the necessity of clearing my desk so that I could slip away for a few days' family vacation. In consequence of those vacation days, posting will be light this next week as well, especially because it has been decreed that this will be a computer-free trip. (A perfectly reasonable decree, that.)

Do please check back despite my physical absence. I have a small handful of items pre-posted to be published as the week rolls along -- there is a fresh Shakespearean double dactyl for Monday, among other things -- so that the site won't stagnate entirely. And I promise not to bore you with photos on my return.


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I also do a computer free trip. I just want to spend my vacation on my family and friends. I'll be waiting for next post.

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