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Post Mortem on the Big Bowl of Super Survivors

Congratulations to [insert team name here] on their [stunning/impressive/tedious/angst-ridden/last-minute] victory in the Super Bowl. Few of us will forget the [insert or invent surprising incident here] that made this such a memorable game. And how about those commercials, eh? Eh? Heh.

Oh joy! Now it's time for Survivor All Stars! My money's on [insert player name here] to win, though [insert name of another player here] will have to be watched.

(Just because I'm on the road and not watching the game doesn't mean the posts here can't be timely and topical.)


Rick Coencas

Amazing how prescient you were, but could you have even thought that the [insert or invent surprising incident here]would be Janet Jackson's mammary?

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