All the Happy Ones Are Alike, You Know
"If I Could Talk to the Animals" by Senator John Kerry (as told to Ogden Nash)

'04 Tuna

Looking for low puns at the expense of the light classical repertoire? Well, friends, you've come to the right place.

This brief parody that I devised a couple of years back -- and which is rumored, thanks to a family connection, to have enjoyed a brief popularity backstage at the Los Angeles Opera -- conjoins a notoriously overused choral work with a difficult-to-overuse Gershwin tune. Everybody sing along now!

You say "fortuna" and I say "fontana"
You say "carmina" and I say "burana"
Fortuna! Fontana! Carmina! Burana!
Let's Carl the whole thing Orff!

Still not satisfied? A loud, scary MIDI version of Mr. Orff's Opus is available here. (Caution: It launches itself automatically and may scare your pets, small children, or co-workers.)


David Giacalone

I guess Evan calling you witty this morning has gone to your head, Sir Fool. Just Orfful! (but delightfully so)

Rick Coencas

O Fortuna, I actually had to look this up. At first I thought you were going off on the Monty Python Cheeseshop sketch. "O fontina, o camenbert, it is a bit runny today, sir".

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