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Mystery Achievement

My resolve to keep up a near-daily posting schedule crumbled in the face of other obligations over the past few days, but traffic seems not to have suffered too much.

The central mystery of the past 24 hours around here has been the sudden influx of hits to this piece, in which I linked to a decision by 9th Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski incorporating several hundred film titles, seemingly generated by my trackback link to this piece, in which Evan Schaeffer treated us to an appellate decision filled with references to Talking Heads songs. All of you who are coming here by that route are more than welcome -- pull up a chair and set a spell, why don't you? -- but I can't for the life of me explain this sudden, concentrated interest.

Some things more substantive are in the pipeline, the oven or other metaphorical appliance, most likely to appear later today.


Evan Schaeffer

George: I can explain it. Yesterday, Boing Boing linked to my Talking Heads post. The link is at http://www.boingboing.net/2004/03/15/the_talking_heads_de.html

Boing boing is one very popular weblog. At least for a time, it's making our blogs very popular too. (By the way, I'm not complaining!)

George Wallace

Oh ho! Learn from this, readers. There is no question you can ask, even rhetorically, that cannot be answered in the Blogosphere. Thanks for the insight, Evan. I'm happy to bask in your reflected glory.

[P.S., I suspected something of the kind might be at work here, but my efforts to find out who had linked to Evan's site were unavailing. Technorati, for some reason, shows many many fewer links to Evan than I know exist out there. In fact, none of my own links to him show up in the Technorati report -- though his links show up in mine. It's another mystery!]

Evan Schaeffer

I hope I'm not stepping on another rhetorical question, George, but here's the answer: my site is also found under the much-easier-to-type url of "www.legalunderground.com" -- type this into technorati, and you'll see some of the missing links. (No missing link jokes, please.)

George Wallace

Show-off. (Ho ho)

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