The Brood X Files, or, Global Swarming (on the Trees and Bushes)

Tempted by the Fruit of Another

Browsing through an anthology last night, I came upon a poem by Adelaide Crapsey (1878-1914 -- 4 years younger than Robert Frost or Gertrude Stein, but not so long-lived) inspired by Lucas Cranach the Elder's painting of Eve. Because the lady in question -- Eve, not Adelaide -- resides here in Pasadena in the collections of the Norton Simon Museum, I reproduce the poem in her honor.

Eve's eyes - click for the rest of herClick through the eyes on your left to see her altogether in the altogether. Her perplexed gentleman companion -- who hangs beside her in the gallery unless they've fallen, ha ha -- can be found here.

The poem can be read here:

For Lucas Cranach's Eve

Oh me,
Was there a time
When Paradise knew Eve
In this sweet guise, so placid and
So young?



The lady's pretty lovely, but those arms would look better on a guy. Perhaps she had a great fastball?

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