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Trampling Out the Vintage, Whoopee-Ti-Yay

Freshly squeezed into the poetry-related links to your right is Greg Perry's g r a p e z, a weblog that neatly combines two of my particular interests: poetry and the vine. Actually, Greg doesn't have much to say about grapes or wines as such, but he has structured his site around a viticultural metaphor -- and a properly wine-dark color scheme -- and that's good enough for me.

Greg has spent the past week or so wrestling with the poetry of Yvor Winters. I, too, have been reading Winters' poetry recently (in the same handy new edition from the American Poets' Project), as well as taking the first bracing plunge into his criticism. Those who are curious can get a taste of the latter via A Year with Yvor Winters, to which Greg has kindly provided the link. Winters, in addition to his other virtues, earns points with me for having written poems specifically about California wine and about Pasadena and environs (having spent some of his early years in neighboring Eagle Rock).

Also new to the list to starboard is the weblog of the pseudonymous Cowtown Pattie, Texas Trifles. More of a purely 'personal' weblog than many on the list, Pattie's Trifles ranges wherever her interests lie at the moment.

Elsewhere, it's suddenly All Wallace Stevens All The Time, which is not at all a bad thing. Michaela Cooper has turned a discerning eye to Stevens' The Idea of Order at Key West, while at About Last Night Our Girl in Chicago opens the door to Stevens-related essays from Delmore Schwartz and Helen Vendler.


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