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Easter Fauna

Click me and watch me grow by leaps and bounds! For Easter, I thought I would post a copy of Albrecht Dürer's famed illustration of a hare, which you can view in all its fineness by clicking through the small version to the left.

In tracking it down, however, I stumbled upon another Dürer previously unknown to me. Since it fits neatly into one of our established categories, and will please at least one regular reader, I offer it below. From the looks of it, a good graduate thesis could be written tracing the influence of Dürer on Beatrix Potter.

And a Happy Easter to you all.
Don't bother clicking us, we're just cute little squirrels.



Thanks for the excellent scurioli, George! I've already appropriated them for Squirrels in My Attic.


It certainly was pleasing! Many thanks and a flip of the tail.

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