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My CardOh sure, I appreciate receiving links as much as the next fellow -- links such as this one or this one or this particularly rare and collectible one [my thanks, gents] -- but I will not be cajoled into producing a post at this time.

As has no doubt already been brought to your attentions, this, dear readers, is April Fool's Day. As one who is a Fool on a semi-professional basis year round, this is an official holiday for me in my puckishly jesting capacity. Just as laborers do not labor on Labor Day, and Christians take the day off on Christmas, and memoirists rest and recreate on Memorial Day, so April Fool's Day is a day for we Fools to drop tools and relax. That is what holidays are for. Only that ridiculous groundhog is so ill-informed as to work on his day of honor, and I suspect that he could have negotiated his way out of it if only he had hired better counsel.

No sir, there's no way I'll be persuaded to post today. Uh uh. Not me.

Now move along. There's nothing to see here.


Rick Coencas

This would be an April Fools joke, wouldn't it?

David Giacalone

You've convinced me - you deserve the day off, Oh Foolish one. What special vintage does a Fool sip on his special holiday?

George Wallace, aka A Fool

Something dry and fool-bodied, I expect.

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