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Poetry and Pachyderms -- At Kasey Mohammad's {lime tree}, Wallace Stevens dances with elephants:

Stevens continues to be one of the most popular modernist poets, among academics and casual readers alike. I see the reason for this as evidence of both Stevens' genius and his shallowness, which are inseparable from each other: the poems work as philosophical candies, mouth-poppable sugar snacks in a phenomenological wrapper.

Play It, Salmon -- For my readers in the Pacific Northwest (you know who you are), or who wish they were in the Pacific Northwest (ditto), and who aspire to scale the Mt. Hood-like literary heights, a primer: How to Write a Great Northwest Novel. [Link via Colby Cosh, who is a bit to the northeast of the Northwest himself.]

Sighted at Other Sites -- A C Douglas has not returned from hiatus, but he has been spotted in the commentary to Aaron Haspel's anatomy of Snobbery. Superior person that you are, you already knew that.

Living Law Vida Loca -- I have been meaning to link for more than a week to Erin O'Connor's Critical Mass for her consideration of English majors who go to law school, which begins with this:

It's a truism that one of the wisest things you can do with a degree in English is go to law school. English majors who want their degrees to pay off--or at least to open doors to an eventual payoff--often choose law school over publishing, grad school, teaching, and, it must be acknowledged, working in a coffee bar (that so many humanities majors do wind up behind the counter at Starbucks or similar should tell us something about how humanities departments, in their highminded commitment to Liberal Arts [mustn't teach marketable skills, mustn't do any practical training, mustn't even ensure that majors can actually write competently], participate in a truly insidious form of economic degradation. But that's fodder for another post, another time).

A cautionary tale follows from that.

I am an English major who went to law school, but I did it on purpose and can't say as I have any regrets. Those who pursue the law for lack of anything more practical to do with their undergraduate liberal arts degree, however, stand a good chance of consigning themselves to a life of misery. Valuable safety tip: No one should enter the legal profession by accident or default. There are quite enough unhappy lawyers in the world as it is. (I trust you have deduced that I'm not one of them (the unhappy ones). Now if you'll excuse me, I'd best get back to work.)

And In Conclusion -- Also at Critical Mass, a detailed explanation of why God can't get tenure.

. . . All Right, Just One More -- DID YOU KNOW?!?

Many of the Cicadas in this year's strain stand over 3 feet tall and weigh over 50 pounds.

If you think you can handle it, click through for more of the awful truth about Cicadas. This is probably more amusing for those of us on the side of the continent that isn't having to live with cicadas at the moment. [Link via a prominent gay conservative who shall remain nameless.]



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