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Here Come the King Bats!*

Checking into an incoming visit from the Periodic Table of Blogs, I discovered that this Fool has been relocated out of the Obscuroid sequence and into the lower left corner of the Cultural columns. And looking into the related weblog at that same site, I discovered that its baseball-loving proprietor Score Bard has produced a double dactyl in tribute to the starting lineup of the 2004 Detroit Tigers.**

* cf. The Princess Bride: S. Morgenstern's Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure (The 'Good Parts' Version), in which the king bats play a significant role in the childhood of the Turkish giant, Fezzik. Said bats do not figure in the popular film adaptation.

** I am a Detroiter by extraction, myself, though I have lived in southern California for over three decades now. I have fond memories of the 1968 Detroit-St. Louis World Series, featuring the sterling pitching of Mickey Lolich.


Score Bard

Thanks for the link to my poem.

I would do more double dactyls, but Jeremy Bonderman is the only major league player I could find with a six-syllable name that fits the meter.

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