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A Little Learning

We've had no links to education issues in quite a while here, so in the interest of posting something/anything, I'll offer you these:

♣ Kimberly Swygert notes a new initiative to help those left behind.1 The beneficiaries of the proposal in question are members of the journalism fraternity, but Kimberly is prepared to take an analogy and run with it:

Continuing on in this vein, doesn't this mean that homeschooling is the analogy to blogging? Let's see, both are becoming extremely popular with 'ordinary' people who want to bypass the power structure, in order to impart truth rather than ideology...yep, I'd say they're analogous. And the powers-that-be who believe bloggers are 'irresponsible' and 'inaccurate' (due to a lack of editorial bureaucracy) are probably the same who spread the word that homeschoolers are 'backwards' and 'uneducated' people who do a poor job with their kids (due to a lack of educational bureaucracy).

♣ Elswhere, Erin O'Connor opines on offensive language, here defined as "words one hates. Not words that mean hateful things, necessarily, but words whose sheer phonetic misshapenness repels us." Abundant examples ensue, and continue into the comments. [Caution to sensitive readers: a few of the more patently unpleasant words in the language make fleeting appearances.]

1 The Rand Simberg piece that serves as the hook for Kimberly's did not amuse me as much as it appears to have amused her. It is of the sort found all too frequently across the political spectrum these days, finding self-consciously clever ways to state positions with which the sympathetic reader almost always already agrees and of which the unsympathetic reader will hardly ever be persuaded. The phenomenon is neatly anatomized by P.J. O'Rourke in the current Atlantic.


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