Shibboleth of Fools
"OK, You SUV's: Out of the Pool!"

Not Always to the Swift

"Those days are gone forever, over a long time ago."
-- Steely Dan (W. Becker, D. Fagen): Pretzel Logic

An exchange we are unlikely to hear:

REPORTER: Senator Kerry, how do you like your foie gras prepared?

SENATOR KERRY: Well, Tom, as everyone knows, I prefer my foie gras seared -- seared . . . .

All right, then:

If you got that joke right away, it is a sure sign that you have been reading too many political weblogs or watching too much cable news or listening to too much talk radio or spending time with people who do too much of one or more of the foregoing. Indeed, it is a sign of weakness on my part that I even thought of that joke, and that I couldn't resist sharing it. I blame the weblogs, since I don't listen to talk radio at all and do not have (or desire) cable or satellite television.

[For those who didn't get the joke: (1) good for you and (2) here's a link to one of the innumerable posts elsewhere reproducing the relevant statement by the junior senator from Massachusetts.]

This joke, friends, is as close as I am going to get on this weblog to the quagmire that is the "John Kerry did/didn't do/say this/that in or around or at or near the period of the Vietnam War" issue. I wouldn't want anyone to think it necessary to stage some sort of intervention.


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