"OK, You SUV's: Out of the Pool!"
Fraud Takes a Holiday

Plucking Out Threads Like Penelope

Not a clever thought to be found in my head just now, 'cepting those required to wrestle with a range of procedural issues, so a random miscellany is the order of the day:

♣ Apropos of those SUV's I was complaining about below, the LosAngelocentric LAist weblog continues its series exploring the Problem of Parking in Our Fair City and the displays of arrogance and entitlement that process engenders. A useful tool for citizen action is provided, readily adaptable for use in your city. On a related note, the registrationophilic Los Angeles Times Magazine this past Sunday offered up a lengthy piece on the rise of gas-electric hybrids, including the revelation that "You Know You're A Real Hybrid Owner when. . . . You post your gas mileage online." Guilty as charged.

Culture Watch: Not always on top of those breaking stories, L.A.-based weblogs seem to have left it to Canadians to announce the long-awaited publication of the collected poetry of Paris Hilton.

Funny Because It's True Dept.: Comedian Dave Mordal on last night's opening episode of Last Comic Standing 3:

And then there's the idiots who want electric cars. They say, 'Oh, we should all drive electric cars, 'cause they don't pollute!' That's right -- because electricity comes from magic!

(Reproduced from memory; and I blame my youngest son for the fact that I was watching at all.)


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