In All Seriousness
Shibboleth of Fools


Checking through the referrer logs has led me to The Adventures of Prometheus & Sabrina, whence I learned that the combined forces of this weblog and its legal twin (Declarations and Exclusions) finished in a tie for tenth place in the titanic Prometheus' TypePad Vocabulary Challenge.

It would be craven and churlish of me to vacillate in my effusive praise of the sumptuous, opulent pleasures that bedeck the weblog of the perspicuous and perspicacious Prometheus, where the writing is pithy and mellifluous by turns, and never prurient.

[Perhaps by the nefarious subterfuge embedded in this post, I can ensconce myself in a higher place in future rankings? I am undaunted. Excelsior!]


david giacalone

How many lost-opportunity billable hours has the Fool been spending looking at his Referer Lists? We may have to start a Twelve-Link Referer's Anonymous group.

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