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Erasmic Convergence

'The owls are not what they seem.'

"It is happening again. It is happening again."
-- The Giant, left, in David Lynch's Twin Peaks, Episode Fourteen

Apparently, I learned nothing from the incident I reported back in May, because I am doomed, or privileged, to repeat it.

As before, I am the recipient of a sudden and inexplicable spike in traffic driven by Google and suchlike engines and by the simultaneous quest of many, many researchers for news of the Goddess of Folly. No goddess I, but I am now the Number One Result for that search on Google.

The original spike was traceable back to this bit of Erasmocentric non sequitur from late December 2003. This latest is driven by the combined force of the original post and my meta-post commenting upon the original spike. And by posting this item, I further reinforce my search-term supremacy. O! the power, the power! Quake, mortals, before the Goddess of Folly and her earthly consort! Yeagh!

Now, don't I feel foolish?


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