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Florida Braces for a Brace of Bards

I've had nothing to say about poetry for a while -- hold your applause, good gentles -- but plenty of others have:

♣ On his g r a p e z weblog, Greg Perry proposes a Poets Scale (based on Beaufort Wind Scale), just in time for Ivan. And speaking of tropical weather: read Greg's reports from the recent Fenway Park 'concert' by Jimmy Buffet. Then read most anything else Greg has posted lately; it will reward your attentions.

♣ Jonathan Mayhew's weblog Bemsha Swing is a daily "must" for anyone with a serious interest in poetry. Never dull, often eye-opening. I don't concur in a number of his personal tastes (though I share more than my demeanor around here might suggest), but the focused attention he brings to his subjects is inspiring. I recommend his recent thoughts on translation -- start with this Sept. 12 post and work your way up. He is opinionated without [corrected per comment below] being painfully doctrinaire, and one has to approve the range displayed in a comment such as this one

Poets that you can never get enough of, that you can't have too many translations or editions of. For me, in no particular order, it's Basho, Claudio Rodríguez, Frank O'Hara, Barbara Guest, Samuel Beckett, the Shakespeare of the Sonnets.


david giacalone

George, are you offering typo dollars like Evan does? I'm almost certain you meant "He is opinionated withOUT being painfully doctrinaire."

Since you mention poetry and Florida, I wonder if the oft-visiting, samurai haiku President will be giving any lectures on the subject while stopping to smell the orange blossoms.

George Wallace

No, David, I am not paying for this sort of sound and helpful advice. I am instead shamefully exploiting to kindness of friends (or strangers) who call my attention to the errors of my ways. Those generous souls will earn my thanks, though, for whatever those are worth.

david giacalone

I fully understand, George: members of the insurance defense bar simply cannot be frivolously throwing money around the way the big-bucks "plaintiff's lawyers" do.

Your thanks are thanks enough.

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