Off the Western Wall, or, Do Not Go Gentile Into That Good Night

Duck, Goose!

Small_marching_gooseIs there some trauma in the childhood of Senator John Kerry that we haven't heard about?

The curious want to know:

He feasts upon their livers.

He shoots them from the skies.

What is it with Senator Kerry and geese?

UPDATES (later that same day): Are Republicans Friends of Geese [FOGs]? Let it be noted that our Republican Governor Schwarzenegger did sign into law the Anti-Foie Gras Legislation alluded to in one of my earlier posts.

Elsewhere: cleanse your palate with the wide array of goose-related haiku at f/k/a . . . .

A rhetorical question: What direction is our conversation heading with all this talk of geese?
Down, of course, down!


david giacalone

. . . but, he won't carry them after he (purportedly) shoots one. hmmmmm.

Rick Coencas

What's the difference between a Goose and a Snake. A snake is an asp in the grass...

Sorry, couldn't resist.


Now I know why I voted the way I did!!!

david giacalone

Rick, Wasn't that original a lawyer joke?

Rick Coencas

As one of the few non-lawyers around here I wouldn't dare.

david giacalone

That update reminded me of haiku past:

down in front!
geese upstage the hawk's

[dagosan, 06-05-04]

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