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Hey Ho, the Wind and the Rain

When Florida suffered under the blows of hurricanes from every direction, some unfortunate souls took two or more hits in rapid succession. (The essence of real estate: location, location, location!) Because each hurricane is a separate event, most insurance policies will apply a separate deductible to each loss, much to the chagrin of suffering homeowners and the occasional opportunistic politician. Martin Grace has taken up the subject, more or less seriously, here and also here. At the far low end of seriousness, another regular reader dropped me an e-mail and asked that I "please bridge the gap between your two weblogs with a double-deductible double dactyl." I try to be obliging, I really do, and after fretting over the problem for a couple of weeks, this is the best I've been able to cobble together:

Hurricane Season: A Double De-dactyl

Dire déjà vu for some
Soggy Floridians:
Charley then Frances then
Ivan then Jeanne.

Struck more than once, they’ll pay
Double deductibles,
Wishing perhaps they had
Stayed in Racine.


david giacalone

I'm smilin' broadly (in fact, my cheeks hurt -- a risk assumed when visiting Fool Forest). Thanks for obligin', G.W.


Why don't you put together all those dactyls and double dactyles and publish them in a book or something. I always enjoy them very much. Hope the 17th was a pleasant day for Trevor. Mother


David says I am serious and George says I am more or less serious. I guess I need some help! My main question, though, is why don't you work on some "ptero dactyls"?

david giacalone

Martin and George: The rest of us need a Pun Insurance Rider on our health care coverage.

Cowtown Pattie

Just when you think the world is getting too serious...

So, Martin, are "tarot dactyls" psychic? Or, is that "terra dactyls", who spring from dirt?

George Wallace

Tsk tsk tsk. What am I going to do with you people, so willing to stoop to low punnery under my dubious influence? Next thing you know, one of you will suggest that I have these rhymes transcribed into Braille, republishing them as "tactile dactyls."

P.S. to Martin and Pattie: Hallowe'en being nearly upon us, the preferred form would be "terror dactyls."

Rick Coencas

Your less serious endeavors might be "facile dactyls".

Make it stop, please!

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