After the Circus Left Town
Hey Ho, the Wind and the Rain

Random Foolishness

Busy, busy, busy! Nothing much original to be expected here until perhaps sometime on Monday. Meanwhile, tide yourself over with these recommended Elsewheres:

♣ The Mount St. Helens VolcanoCam is extra-soggy today: rain is accumulating on the camera's enclosure and no one is being allowed up on Johnston Ridge to wipe it off. If you are nostalgic for the various steamy eruptions of the past week, you can now access VolcanoCam Movies of the events of October 1, 4 and 5.

♣ Whatever did I do with myself before I discovered Professor Althouse? Today, she draws the connection between Saddam Hussein and Woody Allen by way of Nieman-Marcus.

♣ Greg Perry offers a Nobel-inspired consideration of Bob Dylan's creative debt to the Child Ballads [caution -- noisy link] and other sources. Although the argument is not explicit in Greg's piece, the breadth of preexisting material that has gone into Dylan's highly-admired oeuvre would provide powerful evidence in support of a Lessig-style approach to intellectual property rights: a broadly-defined public domain to draw on and a similarly broad notion of permissible "fair use." I mentioned some of Bob Dylan's more unexpected recent influences here.


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