You May Firefox When Ready, Gridley
Duck, Goose!


Howard Dean -- governor of Vermont, erstwhile presidential candidate, one-time physician (and as such a man who only needs to explain other people's purple hearts) -- was the subject of one of this weblog's first double-dactyls (posted in the waning hours of 2003). Having mocked him here, the least I can do in fairness is to point you to his performance in the following advert for Yahoo Local, in which he displays a charming self-deprecating humor about himself. Good on ya, doc.


david giacalone

If good to have you back in the forest. This post proves you need to get out and play more, George. Rick Klau blurbed on this on October 14th.

Not to be a cynic, but I'm pretty sure that when a lot of the world think you've really embarrassed yourself, using such self-deprecating humor is good political strategy (not to mention that it pays well).

George Wallace

If a weblog posts outside my Forest and I don't read it, does it exist?

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