Hey Ho, the Wind and the Rain

You May Firefox When Ready, Gridley

I'm sold. I'm sold. After three weeks' use I am prepared to declare that Mozilla Firefox is a clearly superior browser to The Moribund Thing From Redmond known as IE [pronounced "Aieeee!"]. Get it [Firefox] right here if you don't have it already. As one who is Not Your Lawyer, I so advise you anyway.

What did it lack until now that I most missed? A right-click option to post to a weblog. But wait: thanks to Brother Advocate Dave Stratton's Insurance Defense Blog, I learn of JustBlogIt, a dandy little Firefox extension that ... gives you a right-click option to post to a weblog. Joy joy joy.

Ooooh. Lookie here: it works!


Rick Coencas

I've been using Mozilla for months. Nice to have you on board. Just wait 'til you discover tabbed browsing. Mmmmm, tabs...

Cowtown Pattie

I downloaded Firefox some time ago, but I haven't become very proficient with it. I get lazy and launch both IE and Firefox. Kind of a pain to stop and put in my favorite add-ins, but maybe I will follow my attorney's advice...*grin*

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