Now Be Thankful
Beyond Our Ken

Quintessence of Folly

Boschstone_3But Who's Counting?

Ladies and gentlemen!
Children of all ages!
Friends! If you will, hoist a
Toast with your host:

Foolishness! Forestry!
This double dactyl’s my
Five Hundredth Post!

Many many thanks to each and all of the few, the proud, the perhaps profoundly misguided readers of, commenters upon, and linkers to this weblog, and wishes to one and all for a Happy Thanksgiving and beyond.  Now, onward to Post #1000.  Excelsior!


Gideon Strauss


David Giacalone

Just because you've got a loyal following and have reached your 500th post, dear Fool, doesn't mean you can go around scandalously breaking double-dactyl rules. Hint: I (once again) see no reference to a person. Rewrite! Rewrite!

Rick Coencas

Congrats, old fool. There being no fool like an old fool, or at least one who has reached his 500th posting.

Cowtown Pattie

Congrats, my favorite Fool! No Fool's gold here, it's always the genuine nugget!

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