Toot Toot
Today is the First Day of the Next Four Years

I Sing the Body Electoral

Let us all send up a prayer and a hope that by this time tomorrow we will have a clear notion of who will next serve as President of the United States. My ballot is cast. This is not a big-time political weblog, so I won't disclose my own choice or try to influence you in yours other than to urge you to make one and to express it. To which end, I submit this bit of double-dactyl electoral doggerel dedicated to swingin' too-close-to-call undecided independent battlegrounds everywhere:

Polls Apart

Citizens, citizens:
Hie to your precincts for
Kerry and Edwards or
Cheney and Bush.

Leave no chad dangling, no
Franchise unexercised.
Vote! For today is when
Shove comes to push.


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