Have You Heard? The Word's Absurd
Rupert Holmes

A Little Dact'll Do Ya

Yesterday, December 5, marked the 71st anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition.
Tomorrow, December 7, will mark the somewhat better known 63rd anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. 
And today, what do we find, slipped in between those dates of real historical importance?

A Song of Myself - 12/06/04

Jiggedy, jiggedy,
George “a fool” Wallace is
Fond of a dactylic
Dimeter line.

Here he is, gettin’ all
“Friends, it’s my birthday: I’m
Two score and nine.”

Extra special thanks to my parents, of course, without whom my life would be a wild surmise at best.


David Giacalone

Happy Birthday, George!! Thanks for choosing to stay on our planet for almost half a century -- try to stick around a few more score of years. Please relay my thanks to your parents, too.

Were you a twin, you could hint about birthdays without being self-referential. Thus, I get to say: "Thursday is my twin brother Arthur's 55th birthday; man, is he getting old."

Meanwhile, what does a wine-lover choose to drink on his 50th birthday? You've got 12 months to figure it out.

Cowtown Pattie

Oops - I missed it! Happy belated birthday, you old Dactyl Devil, you!

If it weren't 9:30 and my head too foggy, I would pen a line or two in your honor. But alas, tis the hour of brain death, and I am year and a half older than you.

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