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Much as it did in the wake of the events of September 11, 2001, is offering a direct link to contribute toward the American Red Cross's Earthquake & Tsunami Relief efforts in southern Asia.  You know what to do if you can.

Update [12/29 0830 PST]:  When I first posted this link some 16 hours ago, Amazon had accumulated about $500,000 in contributions.  In the interim, that total has more than tripled, and now stands just shy of $1.6 million.  An impressive start.

Further Update [12/30 0947 PST]:  Checking in again this morning, I see that the contribution tally is fast approaching $5 million.   When Amazon provided a comparable link in September 2001, the final sum came in at around $6.8 million; given the vastly greater physical scale of the destruction in Asia, I hope and expect that we will see that earlier total eclipsed sometime before 2005 arrives on our shores.


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