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In response to my self-absorbed birthday verse below, David Giacalone took his first foray into the double dactyl form.  (He is generally a haiku and senryu sort of a versifier.) 

Today being David's own natal day . . . and that of his twin Arthur . . . and presumably that of David's various alter egos -- ethicalEsq, skepticalEsq, haikuEsq and the incorrigible Professor Yabut -- this verse is proffered in honor of them all:

To a One-Breath Pundit and Bard of the Bar

Annually, annually,
David the Ethical
(and his twin brother) more
Elderly grow.

Haiku sustains him, and
Weblogging Fools wish him
Well, with a Hey-nonny,
Hey-nonny noh!



David Giacalone

Noh kiddin', this is too cool. Thank you very much, George, from all my wombmates.

George Wallace

You are most sincerely welcome, David, but what do wombats have to do with it?

David Giacalone

They were a Motown group that had a big hit on the day I was born -- something a Due Wop, Wop.

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