On Wine Online: the 21st Amendment vs. the 21st Century
Ken Layne: Technology Savant & Merry Prankster


Cowtown Pattie

Not wishing to duck the issue, I must say I never paddle in the same pond as The Donald. I guess every drake could use extra bread crumbs.. Looks like the new Mrs. is getting all her ducks in a row just in case she might need to re-feather her nest. Wonder if there might be a new hatchling in the Trump Brood? One might argue that the past two hens were just barely past ducklinghood themselves...

Old drakes never die, they just moult.

George Wallace

To quote another famous waterfowl: "Ho ho, very funny. Ha ha, it is to laugh."

It's sad though, isn't it, that the Donald and la Melania are forced to work with ducks just to pay their bills?

Good grebe! Waddle they think of next?

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