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My Mind's Still on Vacation (but my Weblog's Workin' Overtime)

Fool's Gold: Mighty Public Works Division

Yes, friends, it's still summer rerun season here in the Forest.  Remember: if you haven't read it before, it's New To You.

While I'm away from my desk and computer in the wilds of Utah or their functional equivalent, here are some links to earlier items from this weblog.  Despair if you will, but today's offerings are drawn from this weblog's surprisingly frequent references to P.B. Shelley's "Ozymandias."

  • Glen Campbell demonstrates the requisite "sneer of cold command".  (11/25/03)
  • The poem yet again, in list format.  (3/28/05)  This experiment led to this year's April Fool's Day post: the PowerPoint version of Shakespeare's Sonnet XVIII.  (4/1/05)

Such posting as passes for 'regular' around here likely resumes on Tuesday.



When I teach, students are often stumped (no pun intended) by Ozymandias at first. After I make them struggle over it for a bit, maybe then I'll show them your version. (With your permission, of course.)

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