Hungry Like the Beowulf

Look At All My Trials and Tribulations, Sinking in a Gentle Pool of Whine

[Quick, citizens!  Identify That Lyrical Allusion!]

No posts here for three weeks, eh?  You may ask yourself: What is the Story with that Situation?

The Story is that these past several weeks have been about as professionally frantic as any I've seen in ten years or more.  Above all, I have been carried away in all the activities necessary to prepare for a trial -- involving Two Men and a Horse -- that is scheduled to begin tomorrow morning, while at the same time a battalion of others of my clients have problems and needs of their own requiring my attention.  The life of the law is not logical, but it is An Experience.

In any event, this weblog has not in fact begun a slow spiral to disappearance.  Silence will now resume, in the hope that it will be broken again by a rush of fresh material, perhaps as soon as the middle of next week (if I play my cards right at trial).

À bientôt!


Cowtown Pattie

Last I looked, Texas still has a law on the books that recommends hanging for horse thieves...


Jesus Christ Superstar, of course!

Good to see you pop your head out even for a brief moment. Does this mean 6 more weeks of winter?

David Giacalone

Sounds like you're chompin' at the bit to settle before trial. Sure hope the other side doesn't ready this weblog. (Since I'm writing Friday evening, you may have already settled. Good luck.)

It's awfully good seeing you put pixel to page, if only to offer excuses and promises.

rohn bayes

!!n a lawyer who blogs sublime
my faith in humanity is restored
if only for a moment

or is it a california thing ??

blog surfing,



I'm sinking in a gentle pool of wine right now...

life doesnt give me any anwsers, so I search them in Linux...

with a bottle by my side..


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