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Moody Moony Music for Hallowe'en

'Twinkle, twinkle, little bat...'


I'm not nearly the fan of Halloween that I once was.  Ever since beer sales became as important as candy sales to the occasion, it just hasn't been the same.  But enough harrumphing from me:

Here, for your All Hallow's Eve pleasure, we offer a tune from Howe Gelb and his Tucson-based band/collective Giant Sand.

This is not a particularly spooky tune -- though the band originally used the more spooky moniker Giant Sandworms -- but it has a fine bleak empty desert quality to it, and begins with the slightly nervous observation that

Something's in the water
Besides a moon that don't know when to quit....

Submitted for your approval,

Bonus Tricky-Treat: By happy coincidence, Alan Williamson has just posted a link at Sixeyes to a live version of "Shiver," recorded in early September.  This is a slightly more scary performance, particularly if you live in morbid terror of feedback, distortion or the artistic influence of Neil Young.

As You Lycanthrope It:  All right, one more, somewhat more directly apropos of the day.  stereogum points the way to Bars & Guitars, whence comes this ruralized cover of the late great Warren Zevon's paean to manicured nails and extra-long sideburns:

[Moon and fruit bat photo by macduncan, via stock.xchng.  Original source for the live Giant Sand recording is here.]


Cowtown Pattie

Giant Sand's "Shiver" is very Harvest Moonesque of old Neil Young, with a slight hint of Nick Drake, perhaps?

I have a good friend that plays in a band on weekends who can do a perfect WOL, and I find his better than the original...true.

Thanks for the Sanhaimish selections!

George Wallace

That's an old Gerswhin tune, isn't it? "Samhain to Watch over Me"?

Cowtown Pattie

Oh lordy, you make me laugh!

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