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Happy Boxing Day, Unanticipated Earthly Reward Edition

Saint Stephen with a rose
In and out of the garden he goes

  • "St. Stephen," Lyric: Robert Hunter, Music: Jerry Garcia

Beach Cricket, Boxing Day, Kings vs Shepherds [click to enlarge]

A Happy Boxing Day to all, notwithstanding the holiday's general non-observance in these United States.  Boxing Day, December 26, is the designated Feast Day honoring Saint Stephen, the first Christian martyr (stoned, ca. AD 33), and is listed in the Canada Labour Code, among others, as a holiday.

We now interrupt our regular post-Christmas post to toot our own horn.  (If a horn is tooted in the Forest and no one reads, has it in fact been tooted?  Does it disturb the bears?  And what about . . . Naomi?) 

Tooting commences now:

It is an honor indeed, not to mention a surprise, to find that this weblog has been granted a 2005 Blawg Review Award as:

"Best Personal Blog by a legally-oriented male blogger." 

Thanks be to Themis!  Given the caliber of the other recipients of these awards, I will be blushing and shaking my head in disbelief for days to come. 

Congratulations to all of the honorees, especially to my opposite number -- "Best Personal Blog by a legally-oriented female blogger" -- Scheherazade of Stay of Execution.  The awardees individually and collectively are worth your time, and each does his, her, or their part toward debunking the notion that clear thinking and clearer writing must be left at the law school door.

It is a particular pleasure to find this Fool's regular reader, commenter and online kindred spirit, David Giacalone, two paragraphs further down the List, garnering a deserving nod in the "Creative Law Blog" category for his combination of tiny poems and deep thought at f/k/a . . . ..  David's own comments on the Awards, with interjections from Professor Yabut, are here.   

Special thanks are also surely due to E L Eversman of AutoMuse -- your one-stop shop for all things automotive and legal -- who incorporated an unsolicited link to this Fool's musings on the Number "L" when she hosted Blawg Review #36 earlier this month.  There can be no doubt that she contributed at least as much as my hairdresser and my publicist to my weblog's receipt of this award.

And so back to work.  Box on!


[Cartoon, "Beach cricket: kings vs shepherds on boxing day", by and subject to copyright of Peter Nicholson; reproduced pursuant to the generous permissions granted on the artist's website.]


david giacalone

Congratulations, George (and thank you for the kind words about f/k/a). I'm not sure I concur with giving gender-specific awards, but I'm quite pleased to see that your orientation is legal.

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