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Paging Jimmy Page, or, Might These Be Robert's Plants?

I Like Pinot, Brudder, I Like Toast and Jam . . .

If you hurry, before it disappears into the pay-only archives, Wednesday's Los Angeles Times Food Section featured a fine article on Pinot Noir, the Grape That Launched a Thousand Dozen Festivals.

Of vaguely related interest: film-fancying wine-bibbers, as well as film-bibbling wine-fanciers, may enjoy the Paul Giamatti joke in the penultimate panel (that's the one at bottom left) of LAist's OSCAR...the Comic Book.  No Merlot was harmed in the making of this picture.

And, if your tastes run to Two- Three-Buck Chuck: Be sure to catch (again, before it disappears onto the overpriced archival servers) the New York Times' revelatory piece on the mystery-shrouded inner workings of Trader Joe's, just in time for the opening of the first Manhattan TJ's a week from today.

[Post title adapted from an idea by The Newbeats.]


Cowtown Pattie

Aww, you didn't hafta tell ME where that clever title came from....

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