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Paging Jimmy Page, or, Might These Be Robert's Plants?

Have you ever been curious why it was that Led Zeppelin put "Goin' to California" and "When the Levee Breaks" in sequence and on the same album?

Well, now you know.


[Just look at those soggy vineyards.  I have been unable to find any reports identifying the particular winery whose vines were inundated in this incident.  We are close enough to the advent of Spring that it is likely the vines were emerging from dormancy and may have sustained actual damage from being flooded like this. 

One shudders to think how much worse this would have been if LedZep hadn't chosen to put "The Rain Song" on a different record. . . .]


david giacalone

Well, George, I never had actually been curious, but you have now intrigued me. What's cued up next to the Lemon Squeezin' song?

Is this how Nostradamus' reputation got started?

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