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"Who's That Girl on May the 3rd?"

Alice advises: Do not come between a girl and her spices... I have been saving this one since December.  My indispensable, patient and beloved lady wife, in whose honor I post it, will probably not be nearly so amused by it as I am, but that will not stop me.

At Christmas time this past year, Craig Bonell of the fine mp3 weblog songs:illinois posted as many seasonally-appropriate songs as he could find.  Just after Christmas, he was able to post this one, "Pink Christmas" from the Swedish band, Envelopes.

As Craig noted at the time, you will be hard pressed to find any reference to Christmas anywhere in this song, other than in the title.  The singer declares himself to be out of spices.  He suggests that you'd better get the door.  He is surrounded by what sounds like a wind-up Duran Duran cover band with kazoos on helium, and it all lilts along in cheery cheesy happily silly style as he asks the climactic musical question:

Who's that girl on May the 3rd?

Well I'll tell you who's that girl: that girl's my wife, whose birthday that day -- this day, the 3rd day of May -- is. 

So in honor of that occasion, even though this song is not likely to suit the honoree's personal tastes at all, I offer the eccentric musical stylings of Envelopes and "Pink Christmas".  More appealing acknowledgments of the day will take place outside the bounds of this weblog.  Now where the devil did I leave those spices . . . . ?

Envelopes - Pink Christmas [mp3 link]



Happy birthday to the most unfoolish Mrs. Fool.

david giacalone

Please pass along my most hearty good wishes to that saintly, patient, good woman.

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